Sweet Potato Brownies; Refined Sugar Free

These sweet potato brownies are packed with good stuff

These refined sugar free sweet potato brownies are my most FAVOURITE bake in the whole world. Moreish in a good way (as opposed to a spiked sugar rush, going to feel rubbish in 90 seconds way) and a hit with my children too.

A perfect teatime treat!

They freeze well and if you get baker’s fatigue part way through you can enjoy some vegan sweet potato chocolate ganache! The recipe is so forgiving and the brownie can be dressed up with said ganache and vegan icecream for a decadent dessert!

Ingredients for the best refined sugar free sweet potato brownies ever!

  • 300 grams baked sweet potato but they could have taken more. I had little fingers pinching it!
  • 60 grams coconut oil (I have made successfully with bu tter)
  • 30 grams of cacao (because that’s all I had! To make them more chocolatey you could add up to around 80 grams (just add less flour). But the kids didn’t notice there was less cacao so these are cheaper! Date syrup has that chocolatey feel and a lower GI than maple syrup. And it’s cheaper!).
  • 80 grams date syrup
  • 1/2-1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • 1 cup of oat milk
  • 3 eggs – definitely a vegan potential here. I have made with two flax and one ‘normal’ egg. Must try with all flax – let me know if you get there first!
  • 200 grams oats
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder


1) Wash the sweet potatoes and then bake them in the oven. My brother is right here – there is only one way to bake them!

Cut them in half and bake on a tray lined with some grease proof paper and a few drips of olive or vegetable oil until soft (25 minutes upwards timewise at around 180C).

Baked Sweet Potatoes are even sweeter!

Beware, they are yummy! My 18 month old pulled her highchair over to the table at this point!

Sweet Potato Thief!

2) Blitz the oats with a blending stick in a big glass jug if available then transfer to a bowl for later. This is important as you get a far better brownie if you mix the hot and wet stuff first without the oats. The oats blitz better if blitzed alone though so best to get them done!

3) Scrape the hot/warm potato (or cold if life gets in the way!) potatoes into the jug. If you have more or less than 300 grams don’t worry too much but if massively different adjust the other quantities.

Vegan Chocolate (Sweet Potato) Ganache!

4) Add the coconut oil and blitz and then the cacao and blitz again (this really conceals the potato). If the potato is warm it saves you melting the coconut oil.

I’ve never made a dud batch with his technique! BUT BE AWARE! If the coconut oil isn’t properly melted, your ganache can be a bit grainy!

5) Now add the date syrup, oat milk and vanilla extract and blitz again. You now have a gorgeous vegan, chocolate ganache that is a dessert in its own right!

TASTE NOW before adding the raw egg, if you want more sweetness, add in some date syrup. Want it more chocolately? Sneak in a bit of cacao!

Don’t worry if it suits I leave it at this point, I actually did the school run here and just covered it all and ran. Then I had my egg breakers home to help! Excuse the mess!

Enter the helpers!

6) Add the eggs and blitz again.

7) Finally add the oats (which have already been blitzed) and baking powder and blitz one last time.

8) Swap the old greaseproof paper for some new and pour into your original tin (mine is approx 23 by 33cm).

Yummmmm nearly ready!

9) Bake at around 170C for approx 30-35 mins but start checking after 25 minutes and perhaps spin the tray around for an even bake.

The Waiting Game!

Note – times will vary depending on baking tin dimensions.

I am always quite cautious and generally wait for a fork to come out clean (but have learnt with a really wet batter that ain’t ever going to happen, so I try and exercise a bit of common sense if I have made a fudgey batch!). Note – the fudgey batches get even more yummy with time.


Because they are so natural they don’t survive long out of the fridge. So after the first day I tend to keep them in the fridge for a couple more days. They also freeze really well, the only challenge being to wait for them to defrost before eating them!

You won’t believe that these sweet potato brownies are refined sugar free!

The last sweet potato brownie picture!


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