Perfecting is the new Perfection.

Anybody else put personal ambitions off because you feel that you can’t finish the job properly or do whatever it is to the best of your ability or because want to get the house sorted first…??

Slowly it has dawned on me that (beware cheesiness approaching) there really is no better time than now.

Nobody get things right the first time anyway. Perfection isn’t real, trying to perfect something or some skill is real. The art of perfecting is real.  But the most important bit is the “trying” bit. And enjoying the journey (perfection isn’t real remember!).

While your kids are growing up there will always be some tidying to do or random junk to sort (anybody else constantly have a bag/box containing random junk? How do they end up with one part/piece of everything they’ve ever owned out of place….).  So try and find time for your own goals.  Pushing your boundaries is the learning to love losing for grown ups!

I’ve resolved to try the things I want to try and to try even if at times it feels like I’m cobbling together. Because life isn’t a dress rehearsal (sorry, forgot the cheesiness warning) and as a good friend said it’s best if if you just embrace the chaos and enjoy life.

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