Sweet Potato Welsh Cakes

Introduction; Sweet Potato Welsh Cakes These Sweet Potato Welsh Cakes are super easy to make, mega moreish and contain no refined sugar. And they contain sweet potato (and quite a bit too!). So you really can have your cake and eat it! If you’re struggling to get back […]

Kindness Collection

Background When energy levels are low, jobs are piling up and crankiness is rearing it’s head (mainly mine 😬), I try and sneak a bit of extra kindness into the house. Well sometimes I try and sneak in dairy milk actually, or off for a bath or meltdown. […]

A Head for Feelings

Introduction As energy levels drop I often think about feelings and how I can help my three identify them and respond to them. I want them to greet them, be patient with them and be confident in finding their way back to their happy place (if they’re not […]